Chinese Lantern Show

Outdoor Chinese Sky Lantern Festival Decoration LED Lighting

LED Lighting products can be commonly used in zoo, city plaza, exhibition, amusement parks or other festival grounds.

LED Lighting products can be used indoor or outdoor to decorate the city, park, street, garden etc.

1. Design:Have design according to customer's requirements, such as the environment the color lantern being placed, theme, size, shape, color, etc.
2. Iron frame: Tie the color lantern frame with bamboo skin and steel wire according to the shape and size. The diameter and distance of the bamboo skin and steel wire would be different according to the combination part and shape of the lantern frame.
3. Cover with color cloth: The materials for covering color lantern are different,including cloth, silk, nylon, paper, cellophane, etc. For color lanterns in/outdoor used, satin cloth is necessary, which is water-proof and UV-protect so the color can be kept for a long time.
4.Assemble: The huge group lantern is composed of some parts, and the assembling is one of the main parts of an entire group lantern.


Bubble bags protect lanterns from damaging.PP film fix the bubble bags. The lanterns will be packed carefully.


The ports are Shenzhen,Chongqing,Shanghai,Guangzhou etc.We accpet land,air,sea transport and international multimodal transport.


We are professional lantern exporter factory that have rich experience in Thailand,Korea,Japan,America etc.