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The animal lanterns can help to decorate dinosaur theme park, zoo,garden, road etc. Also they have high ornamental value.

The animal lanterns can help to decorate dinosaur theme park, zoo,garden, road etc. Also they have high ornamental value.

1.Design:We provide project planning, CAD drawing, product design according to your demands.

2.Personalization: From design, material usage, function, control method, we offer full personalized service. 

3.Installation&setting:We provide product, background and special effect installation and after sale service.

4.Warranty:12 mouths.

HaiChuan Dinosaur Landscape produces colored lights. First by the design team to determine the scheme, and then by the artist lofting, excellent modeler sampling to make the shape. Lantern shape is supported by a solid steel frame, the main iron frame generally made of more than 30 * 30 mm square steel, and 8 - 6 mm round wire outline details, 2 - 3 mm wire outline of fine lines. The interior of the sculpt is decorated with lamp groups. According to the overall effect of the scene, light-transmitting lamp cloth with different colors is pasted on the steel frame sculpt, so as to achieve light and shade collocation and highlight the key points. The outermost layer of pasting, is the key to the whole lamp group, no matter in the material selection or pasting process we have strict standards, is committed to providing tourists with high quality colored lights products.

The colored lights designed and manufactured by the company have the characteristics of color change, local or overall change. We can according to different festivals, different atmosphere for the design and production of colored lights, and is not limited by regional conditions, land, water, and even the air can be colored lights production, for tourists to bring unprecedented visual feast, make people stay in eyes, amazing.

1.Can you provide personalized and customized product? 

    Yes, in terms of design, material, usage, function, size, color, sound, control method, we provide professional customized services.

2.Can you accept OEM or ODM term?

    Yes, OEM and ODM are available. As long as you can offer the photos of  products you like, we will produce them well in 10-60 days.

3.Why choose us?

    A. Our company has run over 10 years, and has rich experience in this line and export business.

    B. Strict quality tracking system after the order is placed.

    C. 24 hours after sale service.

    D. Fast delivery.

4.How about installation?

   If customer needs, we will arrange our professional tech-team to your country to help you install. And during the installation we will also teach your staff how to maintain the products in daily operation. Besides,we will keep staff in your site when the lantern is in show.