DREAM Festival draws record crowd to Markets + Music and Lights + Lasers show

Oct 30 2018

Spectacular – that’s how we would describe this year’s DREAM Festival. 

With lanterns, lights, lasers, food from all around the world, markets with so many interesting creations and the perfect weather, it doesn’t surprise us at all that Saturday night’s DREAM Festival’s main event drew a record crowd. 

After 11 fabulous days of events, wrapping up with Zoocoustics on Sunday, the Dream festival committee should one again be commended on their hard work and the large amount of effort that must go into making each and every activity as successful as it is. 

On Saturday evening, almost 15,000 people were counted walking through the gates, another 5,000 were already there. We agree with Dream Festival chairperson Anne Field who said the Music + Markets and Lights and Lasers events were well and truly on the map as a flagship event. 

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for the thousands who gathered to enjoy the musical talent on stage, before moving around to see the lantern parade and lights. 

And the food! There seemed to be something not only for even the most fussy eaters, but also something from every corner of the world. It took some time to carefully consider all the options before tucking into a yummy meal and some dessert. 

Sitting on the grass, watching the children run around, everyone seemed to be enjoying the night and the relaxed and chilled vibe – and if they weren’t we wouldn’t have been able to understand why. 

The entertainment on stage was top-notch, and the markets had so many interesting looking things to browse and purchase.